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I often group several trails together and give the resulting trail a "combined name" because:

  • Many trails are short, or may have name changes along their length
  • GPS receivers have a limited number of tracks that they can display
  • Simplifies loading trails into a GPS & the associated documentation

I've also grouped the resulting tracks into zones to simplify maps and trail listings


Trail Codes          RTD (XLS)            RTD (html)       Link_Information      Trail Art

Click on zone name to view details of trails in zone.
Zone Miles Tracks POIs Ascent Grade Desc
CO_70 389.2 37 622 42267 2.9 Trails in mountains along I70 corridor
CO_CR 124.5 23 279 11665 4.0 Castle Rock area - Douglas county S of metro area
CO_CS 262.6 40 600 17600 2.7 Colorado Springs - El Paso County
CO_DN 669.2 57 1347 37854 1.8 Denver metro area N of Cherry Cr / Platte confluence
CO_DS 712.4 64 1246 52542 2.9 Denver Metro Trails S of Cherry Cr / Platte River confluence
CO_FN 614.6 55 893 40469 3.0 Trails N of Metro area Boulder/Brighton etc

Miles: 2,743                      Tracks: 277                    POIs: 4,908                    Ascent: 184,310


To access zone information:     Click on desired Zone from "Colorado" menu item above.


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