GeoBiking CO_FN BSC Trail Description

BearSkunkCent Bear Cr & Skunk Cr Greenways & Centennial Path
Trail Network Overview Follows Bear Cr Trail to Empson ditch, then W to Skunk Cr trail, N to Boulder Cr.  Shares trail E to Parkway trail, sharing that trail S to overpass.  Then follows centennial trail E to S Boulder Cr trail N of Baseline Reservoir.
Key BSC Connects to: CherryBroad Trail Also Known As:
  BldrSBldr Trail
Waypoints 13   Goose4Pkwy Trail Modified
Distance Statistics
Cycle Computer TrackLog Route   Round Trip
8.0 6.0
Elevation Statistics
Start End Min Max Gain Ascent Descent Grade
6,069 5,256 5,233 6,115 -813 138 2
Type MUPS / Drainage Rating Initial section is steep downhill, rest is easy, fairly flat ride
Codes Rmr
Surfaces Concrete paths, short residential street section, Steep street on Table Mesa
Notes Non-connecting West section of Skunk Cr is included as spur to  CherryBroad trail.
Track Color Map Color Track Starts @ Track Ends @
Cyan Pale Blue NCAR Parking lot (BCCncr) S Boulder Cr Tr N of Baseline Reservoir (BSCsbt)
Waypoint Longitude Latitude Comment Altitude Waypoint Type Long Description / note
BSCncr 39 58.709 -105 16.401 NCAR 6,069 Scenic Area National Center for Atmospheric Research
Atop Table Mesa - Hiking trails
BSCule 39 59.064 -105 16.044 Up B lane Ends 5,706 Waypoint Uphill bike lane ends at entrance to NCAR
Not too busy - downhill no lane - no worries
BSCcabs 39 59.152 -105 15.036 CAB Tr S Bdwy 5,426 Bike Trail Bear Cr Tr start Cross CAB Tr under Brdway
BSCcabe 39 59.700 -105 14.917 CAB E Share 5,353 Bike Trail CherryBroad Trail S share - Go NW
Shares trail near Williams Village
BSCcabw 39 59.719 -105 14.950 GAB W Share 5,357 Bike Trail CherryBroad Trail N end share - Go N
BSCedw 40  0.425 -105 14.402 EmpsomD W 5,291 Bike Trail Follow Trail W along Empsom Ditch
BSCscs 40  0.390 -105 14.810 Skunk Cr S 5,275 Waypoint Trail turns N to follow Skunk Cr
BSCbcw 40  0.820 -105 14.735 Boulder Cr W 5,249 Bike Trail Head NE on Boulder Cr Tr (BSB Tr)
BSCbce 40  0.977 -105 14.467 Boulder Cr E 5,231 Bike Trail Leave Boulder Cr S sharing GrP Tr 
BSCeoe 40  0.429 -105 14.298 Emspom OP E 5,270 Bike Trail Overpass - Follow Trail E along Empsom Ditch
Track includes spur over overpass to Bear Cr Tr
BSCeds 40  0.432 -105 14.078 Eisenhr Dr S 5,267 Waypoint Jog S on Eisenhour to Pennsylvania, then E
BSC55n 40  0.445 -105 13.513 55th N E 5,253 Waypoint Trail resumes E on 55th N of Pennsylvania
BSCsbt 40  0.429 -105 12.972 EOT - SBC Tr 5,256 Bike Trail S Boulder Cr Trail - End of this trail