GeoBiking CO_CR FS Trail Description

FrontSt Front St trail in Castle Rock
Trail Network Overview Follows Blue Sky trail through Devils Backbone Open Space to Horsetooth
Then Inlet Bay Trail to Sodenberg Open Space Trail Head
Key FS Connects to: Meadows Pkwy/Blvd Paths Also Known As:
  MenMen Paths/Trails
Waypoints 11   Rock Woodlands Bowl New
Distance Statistics
Cycle Computer TrackLog Route   Round Trip
4.7 4.5
Elevation Statistics
Start End Min Max Gain Ascent Descent Grade
6,195 6,227 6,164 6,280 32 339 2
Type MUPS / Connector Rating Easy
Codes Rpcard Track # 131
Surfaces Concrete, Asphalt, Residential streets
Notes North/South connecting paths E of I25.  Can also connect to Plum Cr Downtown trail via 2nd St or Gilbert St
2nd, 3rd or 4th st can be used for E/W sections
Track Color Map Color Track Starts @ Track Ends @
Magenta Pink Front St S of Ligget (FSstart) Front St & Founders Pkwy (FSmpb)
Waypoint Longitude Latitude Comment Altitude Waypoint Type Long Description / note
FSstart 39 23.249 -104 51.537 S of Ligget 6,195 Bike Trail Head S on Trail on W side of Front St
Unusual trailside art
FS6th 39 22.535 -104 51.467 Head S 6,204 Waypoint Share N bound segment S - residential
FS4thw 39 22.405 -104 51.458 Head E on 4th 6,209 Waypoint Head E on 4th
PCD Tr access S to 2nd - then W to trail
FS4the 39 22.413 -104 51.238 Bike Lane S Gilbert 6,252 Waypoint Use Bike lane S on Gilbert to 1st
FSmmw 39 22.225 -104 51.238 MM Tr W 6,247 Bike Trail MenMen Tr W junction - share E
FSmme 39 22.225 -104 51.184 MM Tr E 6,261 Bike Trail Leave MenMen Tr N on trail
FS3rde 39 22.358 -104 51.156 W on 3rd 6,280 Waypoint Head W on 3rd downhill to Front St
FS3rdw 39 22.346 -104 51.453 N on Front St 6,213 Waypoint Head N on Front St - residential
FS6th See Above Go N on E side of Front St
FSrth 39 22.889 -104 51.493 Rock TH RWB Tr 6,203 Parking Area Rock Trail head & Wonderland Bowl Tr via
Dirt Shoulder Trail - bikes allowed
FSstart See Above Alternate Road Bike Tr to RWB Tr via N side of school
FSdchs 39 23.412 -104 51.552 Douglas Cnty HS 6,200 School Douglas County HS
FSmpb 39 24.638 -104 51.743 EOT - MPB Tr 6,227 Bike Trail Meadows Pkwy/Blvd - Founders Pkwy part