GeoBiking CO_DS CJT Trail Description

CathyJohnson Cathy Johnson Trail (S Valley Park)
Trail Network Overview Follows Cathy Jounson trail uphill starting at Deer Cr Canyon Rd
Key CJT Connects to: Coyote Song Trail Also Known As: Columbine Trail, Lyons back Trail
  ValleyView Trail Not mapped yet
Waypoints 6
New Last Modified
Website South Valley Park 8/11/2008 N/A
Distance Statistics
Cycle Computer TrackLog Route   Round Trip
4.1 3.9
Elevation Statistics
Start End Min Max Gain Ascent Descent Grade
5,727 5,958 5,727 6,142 231 818 6
Type Mountain Bike Rating Relatively mild - steady climbs - Steepest section on S side of Columbine section.
Codes Mds
Surfaces Dirt Trail - Mixed twin & single track
Notes See website link above for history etc.
Track Color Map Color Track Starts @ Track Ends @
Red Red Deer Cr Canyon (CJTdcc) Ken Caryl Ave - Valley View Tr (CJT-vv)
Waypoint Latitude Longitude Comment Altitude Waypoint Type Comment
CJTdcc 39 33.098 -105 07.768 DeerCr Canyon 5,727 Bike Trail Start of trail - Deer Cr Canyon Rd
.6 Mi downhill from CoyoteSong TH
CJTcts 39 33.385 -105 08.115 ColumbineTr S 5,800 Bike Trail Columbine Tr S Junction
CJTctn 39 33.319 -105 08.704 ValleyView Tr 5,860 Bike Trail Access to Valley View Tr
CJTlbt 39 33,643 -105 08.481 Lyons Back Tr 6,061 Bike Trail Spur to S Valley trails
CJT-cs 39 33.627 -105 08.535 Coyote Song Tr 6,070 Bike Trail Park Boundary - backtrack
CJTlbt See Above Return from spur
CJTcts See Above Columbine Tr S Junction back uphill again
CJTctn See Above Keep going N
CJT-vv 39 34.552 -105 08.895 ValleyView Tr 5,958 Bike Trail ValleyView Tr - Trail continues N - not mapped yet