CO_DS Trail Coverage

Trail Name Covered by Track(s)
Alameda Pkwy APY - Alameda Pkwy MUP    
Ancient Palms STM - S Table Mtn Trails    
Aurora Powerline SPC - Aurora Power Conservatory    
Aurora Reservoir AR - Aurora Reservoir    
Baldwin Gulch BWG - Baldwin Gulch    
Basalt Cap Loop STM - S Table Mtn Trails    
Bear Cr BC - Bear Cr    
Big Dry Cr (South) BDS - Big Dry Cr S MGBD - MarcyGulch BigDry  
Bruin Bluff Tr Lair Of the Bear    
C470 C470 - C470 MUP    
Castle MFP - Mt Falcon Park    
Castle Pines Powerline Castle Pines Power    
Castor Cutoff Lair Of the Bear    
Cat Tail WCT - Wetlands CatTail    
Cathy Johnson CJT - Cathy Johnson    
Centennial C470 - C470 MUP    
Chatfield Green TBCG - TwoBrand ChatrfieldGreen    
Cheese Ranch CR - Cheese Ranch    
Cherry Cr Regional CCN - Cherry Cr N CCS - Cherry Cr S  
Coal Mine Ave MUP DLG - DutchCr LillyCr    
Columbine COL - Columbine    
Conservatory SPC - Aurora Power Conservatory    
Cook Cr WLT - WillowCr LoneTree    
Coyote Song CS - Coyote Song    
Cretacious STM - S Table Mtn Trails    
Dad Clark SFD - SpringGulch Foothills DadClark LDG - LeeGulch DadClarkGulch  
Dakota Ridge RDS - RedRocks DakotaRidge MorrisonSlide    
Deer Cr Canyon DCC - DeerCr Canyon    
Devils Elbow MFP - Mt Falcon Park    
Diamond K LDG - LeeGulch DadClarkGulch    
Douglas County EW DEW - Douglas County EW    
Dutch Cr DLG - DutchCr LillyCr    
Elk Meadows Evergreen    
Elk Ridge Evergreen    
Foothills SFD - SpringGulch Foothills DadClark    
Front Range Too many to list here    
Genesee Park EverGreen Genesee Park    
Gold Line GL - GoldLine    
Goldsmith Gulch GSH - GoldSmith Gulch Hampden Heights    
Grandview GV - Grand View    
Grazing Elk GET - Grazing Elk    
Green Mountain GME Green Mtn E    
Hampden Heights Trails GSH - GoldSmith Gulch Hampden Heights HGM - Hayden Green Mtn  
Happy Canyon HC - Happy Canyon    
Hayden HGM - Hayden Green Mtn    
Hidden Mesa HM - Hidden Mesa    
Highline Canal Trail HCE - Highline Canal E HCC - Highline Canal Central HCW - Highline Canal W
Kipling Pkwy KPY - Kipling Pkwy    
Lair of the Bear Lair Of the Bear    
Lakewood Gulch LGS - Lakewood Gulch Sloans Lake    
Lee Gulch LDG - LeeGulch DadClarkGulch    
Lilly Gulch DLG - DutchCr LillyCr    
Little Dry Cr (South) LDQ - LittleDryCr S Quincy    
Lyons Back CJT - Cathy Johnson CS - Coyote Song  
Mary Carter Greenway PRS - Platte River South    
Marcy Gulch MGBD - MarcyGulch BigDry    
Meadow MFP - Mt Falcon Park    
Middle Fork GV - Grand View    
Mineral Ave MAT - Mineral Ave    
Morrison Slide RDS - RedRocks DakotaRidge MorrisonSlide    
Mt Carbon Loop MCL - Mt Carbon Loop    
Mt Falcon MFP - Mt Falcon Park    
Mountain Vista MGBD - MarcyGulch BigDry    
Newlin Gulch NG - Newlin Gulch    
Old Ute MFP - Mt Falcon Park    
Painters Pause Evergreen    
Parker MUPS PW - Parker W    
Parmalee MFP - Mt Falcon Park    
Pinery Loop Trail Pinery Loop Tr    
Piney Cr PCS - PineyCr Sampson Gulch    
Pioneer Evergreen    
Platte River PRS - Platte River South    
Plymouth Cr DCC - DeerCr Canyon    
Plymouth Mountain DCC - DeerCr Canyon    
Preservation Trail CCS - Cherry Cr S    
Quincy MUP LDQ - LittleDryCr S Quincy Weaver Gulch Quincy   
Rattle Snake Gulch DCC - DeerCr Canyon GET - Grazing Elk  
Railroad Spur MAT - Mineral Ave    
Red Mesa Loop DCC - DeerCr Canyon    
Red Rocks RDS - RedRocks DakotaRidge MorrisonSlide    
Sampson Gulch MUPS PCS - PineyCr Sampson Gulch    
Sanderson Gulch WSG - WeirGulch Sanderson Gulch    
Shady S Evergreen    
Shriners GSH - GoldSmith Gulch Hampden Heights    
Sloans Lake LGS - Lakewood Gulch Sloans Lake    
Smokey Hill SH - Smoky Hill Rd SR - Smoky Ramble  
Spillway WS - Westerly Cr Spillway    
Spring Gulch SFD - SpringGulch Foothills DadClark    
Sulphur Gulch SGT - SulphurGulch SGC - Sulphur Gulch Connector  
S Table Mtn Trail STM - S Table Mtn Trails    
Summit Loop GME Green Mtn E    
Tallman Gulch SGT - SulphurGulch    
Tertiary STM - S Table Mtn Trails    
Tollgate Cr TGC - TollGate Cr    
Tower MFP - Mt Falcon Park    
Two Brands TBCG - TwoBrand ChatrfieldGreen    
Two Dog MFP - Mt Falcon Park    
Unnamed Cr UNC - UnNamed Cr    
Valley View VV - ValleyView    
Village Ride RDS - RedRocks DakotaRidge MorrisonSlide    
Vista VT - Vista    
Walkers Dream MFP - Mt Falcon Park    
Waterton Canyon WC - Waterton Canyon    
Weir Gulch WSG - WeirGulch Sanderson Gulch    
W Fork LDG - LeeGulch DadClarkGulch    
Weaver Gulch Regional Weaver Gulch Quincy     
Westerly Cr WS - Westerly Cr Spillway    
Wetlands WCT - Wetlands CatTail    
Willow Cr WLT - WillowCr LoneTree    
Wildcat WCB - Wild Cat Bluffs    
Wildcat Bluffs WCB - Wild Cat Bluffs DEW - Douglas County EW  
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