GeoBiking CO_DS HGM Trail Description

HaydenGreenM Hayden Green Mtn Trail
Trail Network Overview Hayden and Green Mtn trails with initial extension from Bear Creek Trail
Key HGM Connects to: Alameda Pkwy Trail Also Known As: Summit Loop Tr
    Bear Cr Trail  
  C470 Trail
  Green Mtn E Tr
Waypoints 14   Golden 470 Trail See North Last Modified GME trail connections + use of Summit Loop Tr
Distance Statistics
Cycle Computer TrackLog Route   Round Trip
11.8 10.0 13.7
Elevation Statistics
Start End Min Max Gain Ascent Descent Grade
5,457 5,792 5,507 6,833 335 2,257 6
Type MUPS / Mountain Rating Not for weak of heart!  I ended up walking the bike parts of way up the hill.  Steep loose downhill on W.
Codes Msdrbca
Surfaces Concrete, asphalt, bike lane, single track, gravel road.
Notes There are warnings at trail heads with parking regarding car break-ins and mountain lions.
Trails are narrow, yield to pedestrians.  Very steep on West side!
Track Color Map Color Track Starts @ Track Ends @
Green Bright Green Bear Creek Trail & Morrrison Rd (HGMbct) Bear Cr Blvd & Yale loop closure (HGMeot)
Waypoint Latitude Longitude Comment Altitude Waypoint Type Long Description / note
HGMmgb 39 39.815 -105  6.582 S of Metal Bridg 5,457 Waypoint Parking on S side of Metal Grate Bridge
Section from here to next waypoint are not included in tracklog.
HGMbct 39 39.823 -105  7.344 Bear Cr Tr 5,505 Bike Trail Track starts here at Fox Hollow entrance
HGMbcs 39 39.953 -105  9.014 Bear Cr Blvd S 5,761 Waypoint Bear Cr Blvd, follow NW
HGMloop 39 40.149 -105  9.182 Yale Go NE 5,792 Waypoint Yale, Follow NE to Hayden Trailhead
HGMapy 39 41.213 -105  9.289 APY Tr Hayden TH 6,125 Parking Area APY Tr + Heyden Trailhead
minimal parking, porta-potty
HGMgmt 39 41.297 -105  9.398 Green Mtn Tr X1 6,187 Bike Trail GME Tr to E - continue N
End of HGM Green Mtn loop
HGM-te 39 41.490 -105  9.634 Trail East 6,488 Bike Trail Trail East
HGMhte 39 41.863 -105 10.129 Hayden Tr Ends 6,734 Bike Trail Hayden Trail ends, Join Green Mtn Trail
(gravel road goes S to transmitter tower
and GME Tr)
HGMgme 39 42.032 -105 10.272 HGM GME Tr 6,845 Bike Trail GME Tr to E - continue N on Summit Loop Tr
HGMgrd 39 42.257 -105 10.719 Gravel Rd down 6,798 Waypoint Follow gravel road downhill
HGM470 39 41.744 -105 11.376 C470 Tr 6,105 Bike Trail C470 Trail & Bridge over it, paraglider landing
Also Golden 470 trail
HGM-tr 39 41.482 -105 10.767 Trail 6,163 Bike Trail Trail
HGMfpt 39 40.860 -105 10.073 Foresberg Park T 6,088 Bike Trail Foresberg Park Trail
HGMgmt See Above Back to Hayden Park Trail, turn SE
HGM-ht See Above Alameda Parkway Tr , follow SW
HGMbcn 39 40.872 -105  9.639 Bear Cr Blvd N 6,029 Waypoint Keep straight (becomes Bear Cr Blvd)
HGMloop See Above End of Tracklog, end of loop portion