GeoBiking CO_FN FOM Trail Description

FultOutfMem Fulton Ditch, N Outfall & Brighton Memorial Trails
Trail Network Overview Starting at Benedict Park, follows Brighton Memorial Parkway trail SW to Bromley Lane, E on Bromley Lane to the Fulton Ditch trail, N to Highway 7 / 168th Ave. Then Backtracks to N Outfall trail W to the Brighton Rec Center and loop around Brighton Park.
Key FOM Connects to: BrightonCon Trail Also Known As: Brighton Memorial Parkway,
N Outfall Trails
Waypoints 9 Modified
Distance Statistics
Cycle Computer TrackLog Route   Round Trip
5.5 4.2
Elevation Statistics
Start End Min Max Gain Ascent Descent Grade
5,032 4,993 4,970 5,029 -39 88 0
Type MUPS / Canal Rating Easy
Codes Rpc
Surfaces Mostly Concrete bike path, short sidewalk along Bromley Lane.
Notes Route has a short extension E along Bromley Lane to Bromley Community Park
Track Color Map Color Track Starts @ Track Ends @
Magenta Pink Benedict Park (FOM-bp) Brighton Park (FOMbtp)
Waypoint Longitude Latitude Comment Altitude Waypoint Type Long Description / note
FOM-bp 39 58.770 -104 47.964 Benedict Pk + Tr 5,032 Bike Trail Benedict Park, does short loop back here
Follow Memorial Pkwy Trail SW
FOM-bl 39 58.345 -104 48.421 Bromley Ln Go E 5,030 Bike Trail Bromley Lane, Go E on N side
FOMbcr 39 58.349 -104 47.850 Bromley CM Park 5,046 Park Bromley Community Park
FOMbmp 39 58.776 -104 47.958 BrightonMemPky 5,027 Park Brighton Memorial Pkwy trail
Benedict Park, continue on Fulton Ditch Tr N
FOMlpj 39 59.542 -104 47.789 Longs Pk Jail 5,019 Danger Area County Jail, Longs Pk St access.
FOM168 40.00.024 -104 47.834 EOT Baseline 168 5,020 Bike Trail End of Fulton Trail, 168th Ave / Baseline
FOMnof 39 59.775 -104 47.812 N Outfall Tr 5,023 Bike Trail N Outfall Trail to West
FOMbrc 39 59.843 -104 48.496 Brighton Rec 4,990 Fitness Center Brighton Rec Center
FOMbtp 39 59.766 -104 48.711 Brighton Park 4,993 Park Brighton Park (loop on end of trail)