GeoBiking CO_FN RMO Trail Description

RabbitMtn Rabbit Mountain Open Space Trails
Trail Network Overview Trail ascends to saddle then follows the Eagle Wind trail loop. Crosses saddle up & back on the Little Thompson Overlook trail then descends on "road" to start.
Key RMO Connects to: Also Known As: Eagle Wind, Little Thompson, Overlook Trails
Waypoints 8 Modified
Distance Statistics
Cycle Computer TrackLog Route   Round Trip
5.8 4.9
Elevation Statistics
Start End Min Max Gain Ascent Descent Grade
5,543 5,543 5,495 5,866 0 930 6
Type Mountain Bike Rating Medium - steeper
Codes Msd
Surfaces Rocky trail, packed gravel road
Notes Steep, rocky trails, Mountain lion warnings, I saw a rattle snake, popular multi-use area
Regarding street connections: CO 66 has wide shoulders, N55th St has none, but light traffic
Track Color Map Color Track Starts @ Track Ends @
Green Bright Green Rabbit Mountain Open Space Trail head (RMO-th) Start - (RMOeot)
Waypoint Longitude Latitude Comment Altitude Waypoint Type Long Description / note
RMO-th 40 14.780 -105 13.463 RabbitMtn OS TH 5,543 Parking Area Rabbit Mountain Open Space Trail head
Parking, tables, rest rooms
RMO2tr 40 14.977 -105 13.083 IMT EWT Trails S 5,727 Bike Trail Indian Mesa & Eagle Wind Trails Go SE
RMOewl 40 14.688 -105 12.794 EagleWind Loop 5,821 Bike Trail Eagle Wind Trail Loop starts, Keep Right
RMOewe 40 14.176 -105 12.162 EagleWind SE End 5,832 Waypoint SE end of Eagle Wind trail loop
Area S&E is off-limits Feb 1 thru July 31
RMOltt 40 15.057 -105 13.060 LittleThompson T 5,739 Bike Trail Little Thompson Overlook Trail starts
RMOlto 40 15.642 -105 13.221 LTO TR EOT 5,810 Bike Trail End of Little Thompson Overlook Trail - Bench
RMOint 40 14.978 -105 13.030 Indian Mesa Tr 5,721 Bike Trail Indian Mesa Trail 1.6 mile (not mapped)
Follow Road down the hill
RMO1 40 14.726 -105 13.306 Via 5,508 Waypoint Leave road, follow single track to parking area
RMO-th See Above Back to the start