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I set up these trails initially for non experienced bikers to assist them in enjoying bicycling and explore the rich variety of trail experiences around Denver.  Almost all the articles I've seen are oriented at the ultra-fit bikers that can peddle over Vail Pass or up & down steep, rough mountain paths.  That is not how it has to be.

I figured it was time to demonstrate that you don't have to be slim & trim or have a lots of money to enjoy biking.  Experienced bikers can benefit from an expanded trail network to reduce boredom.  Or take their young ones along.

Biking can be a fantastic way to become or stay fit

Having a wide variety of trails to ride:

        • Provides a more interesting and fresher visual experience
        • Increases workout level choices
        • Makes getting from point A to point B easier and more satisfying

A network of trails is far superior to isolated trails!

A Short GeoBiking History

In the fall of 2003, I started working at Sportsmans Warehouse in Thornton as a "stop gap" job.  I wanted to work in the archery department, but was hired into the "Gift Bar" because of my GPS knowledge.  (In my prior life I did software & data base design, development & support for a telecom company).
  (I started using a Garmin GPS 12XL in early 1998 to avoid getting lost while walking around the mountains with my bow.  I used Fugawi and another software package intially, switching to DeLorme 3D Quads to get more detailed maps.)

  I've always had an interest in mapping and a desire to get regular excercise via biking.  I soon discovered that many of the trails were poorly marked if at all.  Trails would have missing sections with no indication that another section was a few blocks away.  So I got out my trusty 12XL and started recording my trails.  I soon discovered the severe limitation of that GPS: (only one track log).  (You couldn't follow trails & map a new one very easily!)  I bought a Garmin 76, no mapping, but a large easy to read screen, 10 track logs and easy to operate.  It became an invaluable tool that didn't fail me over the 3 years that I relied on it.  (It is no longer being manufanctured)

  Starting in 2004, I took classes in cartography, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) & remote sensing.  I worked my trail mapping activities into my class projects.
  I created my first website to start sharing my trail information with others.
(That website was decommisioned September 2007)

  Starting fall of 2005, I started using a Brunton MNS (AKA Lowrance iFinder variant) along side my Garmin.  The new unit allowed me to identify features, streets etc, helping me to know where I was names of parks etc.  But, the Garmin continued to be my main mapping, unit.

  Also in the Winter of 2005, I participated in beta testing TOPO USA 6 for DeLorme.  I also alpha & beta tested their new  GPS that allows you to use their map data on that GPS.PN20

  In December of 2006 I acquired a Garmin 76CSX because it has better reception, color screen, twice as many tracklogs and is a great street & trail GPS.  I am very happy with the visibilty of the screen in all lighting conditions.  I can set the color of tracks I record & use to make them stand out on the screen.  I have both street & Topo maps loaded onto the unit.  This makes mapping the trails much easier!

  Early 2007 DeLorme sent me a PN20 GPS as thanks for participating in their Alpah & Beta testing of the unit.  It took a while for Ram-Mount to create a cradle for the unit, so I only started using the new GPS in May.

  At some point I discovered and posted many of my trails on that site.  I liked the ability of being able to view the data using satellite imagery of Google Earth.  I have since learned how to make my entire network of trails viewable in Google Earth.

Microsoft Office Live has been a a great help in making this website a reality.  (It's FREE!  I couldn't afford to do it on my own if it wasn't.)
  I now provide a map overlay for the DeLorme PN series that allows you to display the entire trail network easily.
  I would like to be able to make the trails available as a map overlay for Garmin mapping GPS units, but don't have the funds for the required software.

  In 2008 I beta tested a DeLorme PN40 that I used along with with my Garmin 76CSx for trail mapping.  Awesome device that allows me to view trail network on top of imagery, USGS quads or vector topo maps.

Again I did Beta testing for DeLorme, this time for the PN60w and Spot Satelite communicator along with Topo North America.   Great Times!

Jan - April 2012 Microsoft Office Live was changing direction, forcing me to move the website to another host with better capabilities.  Took 4 full months of research & experimentation to create the current website.  Had to learn a "Content Management System" (Joomla), and 3rd party provider extensions.  One of the more challanging things was to present the trail data in a tabular format.  Ended up storing the data in the database and used an AriSoft datatable to present the information in a widget. (HTML broswer discrepencies would not allow me to do this in HTML as before.)

Jan - Feb 2015 - End of support for Joomla 2.5 required upgrading to Joomla 3.  Migration required finding and installaing  a whole new set of extensions.  New site is more responsive to different screen sizes - more work on-going to better this functionality.

  I have biked all of the trails on my site at least once on my mountain bikes. For over 3 years I rode/mapped with my 1984 non-suspension mountain bike (Ross Mt Whitney) and currently use a 2007 Gary Fisher Piranah (both from Wheatridge Cyclery).  OK, so I walked some sections.  I'm in my low 60's with more than a few extra pounds.  I met my goal of biking 2,000 miles in 2006 and rode my age + a few on my birthday in March 2006 in low 30 degree weather.
  My old bike is more or less retired now, being replaced by a 2007 Gary Fisher Piranah.  Lighter, and more importantly, has a front suspension that makes rocky trails less likely to jar my teeth out!  It also makes jumping curbs & trail bumps a lot easier.  I cleaned/lubed the old bike mid June 2008 and used it for a ride with an out of town rep with DeLorme (he used mine).


In April 2007, I finally did a 100KM loop using my trail network.  I still weigh more than I should, but without the activity I get from geobiking, I would weigh a whole lot more and be in much poorer health.  I did another one in Mid June heat to avoid high gas prices on an errand to Littleton before work.  On a "marathon" expedition in Colorado Springs in 2009 I did 54 miles - long day, had to wait out some thunderstorms.
My site is linked to by the following sites:

An article about my sites was published in the section of the Denver Post & Rocky Mountain News in October of 2006.
The Garmin jersey in the above picture was an "accessory" for the Garmin Edge bicycle GPS units.
No, I don't have an Edge, Current Edge units are great fitness units, but not great geobiking units since they only support one tracklog.



Early GeoBiking GIS Map

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