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CO_CS Colorado South

This zone covers El Paso County & Pueblo trails (Colorado South)

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Key Name Track Codes Notes Alerts
ABU Austin Bluffs paths 3.8 Rp New Aug 09
ARP Arkansas River Pueblo 10.8 Rpca
B16F Black Forest Section 16 4.2 MEd New Sep 09
BCCS Bear Cr Regional Park Trails 6.9 Msdcr New Oct 14 - Same file as BC_MTB
BCMTB Bear Cr Regional Park MTB Trails 3 Msd New Oct 14 - Same file as BCCS
BFR Black Forest Regional Park 6.7 MEd New Aug 10
BG Briargate Paths 3.2 Rp New Aug 09
CG Crews Gulch Traills 3.1 R*Fdp New Jul 09
CW CottonWood Trails 9.8 Rpbx New Sep 09 M rating E of Austin Bluffs Pkwy
DUV Douglas Ute V Trails 8 Msdbp New Aug 09
FCY Falcon City 3.7 Rp New Sep 09
FH Foothills Trail 7 R*Fbpdr New July 09
FRR Fox Run Regional Park 5.9 Ms New Aug 10
FT Falcon Trail 14.8 Ms New Jul 10
GOGM Garden of the Gods MTB 3.6 Ms
GOGR Garden of the Gods Road 5.9 Rab
HSR Homestead Ranch Park 3.3 MEs New Aug 10
HST Homestead Trail 10.3 Mprd New Aug 10
LPM Lake Pueblo Marinas 9.6 Ra
MEV Mesa Valley Paths 2.3 Fdb New Aug 09
ML Midland Trail 5.8 Rpr Crossing Colorado @ Ridge Rd is difficult!
MOV Monument Valley 3.8 Rdpb New Aug 09
MS Mesa Springs Paths 3.3 Rpr New Aug 09
PDV Palmer Divide 1.9 Fd New Aug 10
PM Palmer Mesa Paths 4.2 Rpr New Aug 09
RIL Rock Island Line Paths 6.5 R*Fpd New Jul 09
RIR Rock Island Regional 9.1 Fd New Sep 09
RPY Research Pkwy 6.1 Rp New Aug 09
RR Rockrimmon Paths 1.5 Fd New Aug 09
RWF River Walk Fountain Cr 11.4 Rp River Walk proper must dismount Flood washout on Fountain Cr trail
SCN Sand Cr N 5.8 Fdc Extension to Woodmen Rd
SFM Santa Fe Hike/Bike M 14.9 R*Fd New July 09 - Woodmen Rd to Stratmoor TH
SFN Santa Fe Hike/Bike N 18.9 R*Fd New June 09 - Plamer Lake to Woodmen Rd
SFS SantaFe Hike/Bike S 8.5 R*Fd New June 09 - Stratmoor TH to Fountain
SKR Shooks Run Path 4.3 Rp New July 09
ST Sinton Trail 3 Rpdl New July 09
STS Stetson Trail 3.6 Rp New Aug 09
SWA SkyLine Woodmen Trails 7.6 Rpr New Aug 09
TGG Templeton Gap Greencrest Trails 7.9 R*Fpms New Aug 09
WHC Wild Horse Cr City Park 8.6 Rpcad

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Arkansas River Pueblo

  • ARP - Arkansas River Pueblo
  • LPM - Lake Pueblo Marinas


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