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Through Memorial Day I will be updating site information.

See Colorado news for a few more details.


Google Earth, GPX & individual trails updates 6/25/17

for all zones other than SE Colorado

Computer & backup drive failures have caused  major delays in site and data collection activities.  Website updated to lastest Joomla version.

Sorry about delays. Working on pictures, online map info & PDF files.


Website presentation available on youtube.

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 2016 Colorado Trail Construction Priority Announcement


GeoBiking Definition:           


Geobiking is using a GPS on a bicycle to explore new trails with confidence and helping others to do the same.

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If you don't like sharing your ride with

vehicles, this is the site for you!


  This website is dedicated to providing GPS enabled trail networks to help bikers explore the rich variety of trail experiences. It is intended as an aid for a wide range of riders, from the recreational to experienced.  It is not merely a list of trails, it is a network of interconnected trails to extend your riding choices.

  It contains a mixture of road, path & mountain bike trails.  However, the vast majority of trails were chosen to be more family friendly and off road if possible.  Trails are coded as to types & surfaces for each trail.

  The site provides uploadable GPS map overlays, tracks, routes, and waypoints as well as detailed descriptions and many hundreds of trail photos.

  The entire network can also be viewed with satellite imagery using Google earth.  This makes becoming familiar with the network much easier.  You can even do "fly-bys" of the trails.

I have also embedded the network into the Open Street Map that is readily viewable via map links on my site or in National Geographics AllTrails App and others. website now contains over 2,500 miles of trails as 265 tracks that you can upload to your GPS.

Website displays over 1,500 trail pictures in slideshows.

View entire network as a map overlay in Google Earth or on Garmin GPS handhelds.

View network as interactive map on website with choice of map type.

View on your mobile device (Google Chrome works best for viewing this site).


Please view the Geobiking PowerPoint


presentation on the GeoBiking page.