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Please follow trail regulations.  You could be ticketed! Yield

All files provided in zip format  were created using Microsoft Windows Explorer (e.g. "My Computer")


I often group several trails together and give the resulting trail a "combined name" because:

  • Many trails are short, or may have name changes along their length
  • GPS receivers have a limited number of tracks that they can display
  • Simplifies loading trails into a GPS & the associated documentation

I've also grouped the resulting tracks into zones to simplify maps and trail listings


Trail Codes          RTD (XLS)            RTD (html)       Link_Information      Trail Art

Click on zone name to view details of trails in zone.
Zone Miles Tracks POIs Ascent Grade Desc
CO_70 373.3 36 586 23488 2.8 Trails in mountains along I70 corridor
CO_CR 124.5 23 279 11665 4.0 Castle Rock area - Douglas county S of metro area
CO_CS 262.6 40 600 17600 2.7 Colorado Springs - El Paso County
CO_DN 656.2 56 1296 35213 1.8 Denver metro area N of Cherry Cr / Platte confluence
CO_DS 702.5 64 1240 52560 2.9 Denver Metro Trails S of Cherry Cr / Platte River confluence
CO_FN 594.5 55 876 40237 3.0 Trails N of Metro area Boulder/Brighton etc

Miles: 2,678                      Tracks: 274                    POIs: 4,762                    Ascent: 184,828


To access zone information:     Click on desired Zone from "Colorado" menu item above.


View Entire Trail Network via Gmap4 -> Not functioning



Google Map Ovelay

View the current trail network via Google Earth aerial imagery using this kmz file.      Last Updated: 5/21/18


You can also see the network in Google Earth on your Iphone / Smartphone with the above file.

Obtain Google Earth here.

May 08 updated primer of working with Google Earth. (PDF with screen shots)

Garmin Overlay 

Copy map from this  zip file.      Last Updated: 5/24/18

Copy into Garmin units with internal memory or install into MapSource via SendMap


Use gpx2img with the GPX files and typ file in this zipped file into MapSource.  Last updated: 5/24/18

Open Street Map

This file contains a routable Open Street Cycle map for Colorado.  

Simply copy the OSM_Colorado.img file to Garmin folder on your GPS.

Last Updated:5/24/18