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GPX_XML_batch GPX Data consolidater & translator

GPX KML batch

  • Combines all .gpx files in selected directory
  • GPX2img output
    • Used as input to GPX2img program to generate Garmin map overlay
    • May include Waypoints (as POI) and Tracks (as road types that have special pattern with same color as tracklogs)
    • Some waypoints that do not have a map POI, are translated
      • e.g. "Bike Trail" becomes "City (Medium)" = Dark Green Dot
      • e.g. "Waypoint" or "Flag, Blue" becomes a "Manmade Feature" = green dot
      • e.g. "Skull and Crossbones" becomes "Danger Area" (red square with inner red diamond)
      • e.g. "Flag, Red" becomes "Restriced Area" (same as "Danger Area" with cross inside diamond)
      • e.g. Colored shape symbols other than above get translated to "Navaid Green" (or Blue or Red as appropriate) displayed as large colored circle







  • GPX format may include Waypoints, Routes and Tracks
    • No Conversion or translation is done
    • Does not deal with KML currently
You can obtain the GPX_XML_batch application here.
Simply extract files from zip and execute setup.exe