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CO_DS Denver S

This zone in the Denver Metro area covers trails in drainages S of Platte River & Cherry Cr confluence

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Key Name Track Codes Notes Alerts
APC Aurora PwrLine Con 7.6 Rpc New June 08 - From Horseshoe Park E then S along Conservatory Trail
APY Alameda Pkwy 9 Rpwac New Oct 08 - From WSG trail on Alameda to Dinosaur Ridge
AR Aurora Reservoir 13 R*Fpcd New June 08 - Loop around reservoir +
BC Bear Creek Trail 18.9 Rprac Realigned W of Sheridan 4/15
BDM Big Dry Mid 11.4 R*Mpbacd Revised Feb 09 - Last Section of old WBD trail
BDS Big Dry Cr (south Metro) 4 Rpc Mod Aug 20 - Added PRS E bank section to start
BWG Baldwin Gulch 3.3 Rpc New April 11
C47 C470 Trail 34.2 Rpcd
CCN Cherry Cr Trail North 21.4 Rpc Track re-aligned April 08
CCS Cherry Cr Trail South 25.4 Rpcd Summer 2015 Arapahoe Rd underpass, 17 mile farm, Preservation trail
CJT Cathy Johnson Trail 4.1 Mds New Aug 08 - S Valley trail
COL Columbine Trail 5.9 Rprac New Feb 09 - Columbine Tr w/extension from Littleton Downtown Station
CPP Castle Pines Power 5.5 MRdsc New June 14
CR Cheese Ranch 4.2 Rpbc Mod June 14 - Extension to DPP Tr
CS Coyote Song Trail 2.4 Mds New Aug 08 - S Valley trail
DCC Deer Cr Canyon 8.5 Msd New Oct 08 - Deer Cr Canyon Park trails
DEW Douglas County E/W Regional Tr 21.2 Fd New Nov 10 - Douglas County E/W Regional Trail April 2016 section E of Monarch closed for Eagle Nesting
DLG Dutch Cr Lilly Gulch Trail 8.1 Rpc New Feb 09 - Dutch Cr & Lilly Gulch Trails
DPP Daniels Park Pines 13.6 Rdsc New June 14
EG EverGreen 13.8 Rpc Path around S side of lake is narrow, Not recommended during peak periods. Trail on N side of Evergreen Lake closed (unsafe)
EGP Evergreeen to Genesee MUP 3 Rpc New 6/17
GET Grazing Elk Trail 3.6 Msd New Aug 08 - A S Valley trail
GL Gold Line 10.9 Rpcr New June 14 - Shares LGS paths
GME Green Mtn E Trail 7.9 Msc Mod June 14 - Gold Line
GSH Goldsmith Gulch Hampden Heights 12.8 Rprcd Mod June 08 to add Shriner trail from Piney Cr trail - New April 08
GV Grand View Trail 6.5 Rpc New Feb 09 - Grandview Pipeline trail
HC Happy Canyon Trail 2.8 Rpc Removed Trail break Fall 19
HCC Highline Canal Trail Central Section 19.7 R*Fpda New connections to WetCatTrail April 11
HCE Highline Canal Trail East Section 19.1 R*Fpdac
HCW Highline Canal Trail West Section 29.4 R*Fnxd New Developments on S of Cherry Cr State Park
HGM Hayden Green Mtn Trail 11.8 Msdrbca
HM Hidden Mesa Trail 5.1 Mspcm New Jan 09 - Could be listed as a Castle Rock trail
KPY Kipling Pkwy 13 Rpcr Mod June 14 - Gold Line connection
LDG Lee Dad Gulch Trail 9.7 R*Fprcd Feb 09 - Split off from Lee Marcy Gulch Trail
LDQ Little Dry Quincy 12.4 Rpbcad Extended to Cherry Cr Trail Feb 09 - New April 08
LGS Lakewood Gulch Sloans Lake Trail 9.5 Rprnca Mod June 14 - Gold Line
LOB Lair of the Bear 8.7 Msd Some technical Sections
MAT Mineral Ave Trail 2.7 R*Fpcd New Feb 09 - Platte Canyon Dr to Highline Canal W
MCL Mt Carbon Loop 8.2 MEs New April 2015
MFP Mt Falcon Trail 10.8 Mds New Nov 08 - Castle, Devils Elbow, Meadow, Old Ute, Parmalee & Tower Trails
MGBD Marcy Gulch BigDry Highlands 10.8 R*Fpcd Mod June 14 - Extension to DPP Tr
NG Newlin Gulch 8.9 Rprc New June 08 - Trails on W side of Cherry Cr S between C470 & Lincoln
PCS Piney Cr Sampson Trail 9.5 Rpc Nov10 - new section - July 10 Wpt changes, back in Google Earth - New June 08
PLT Pinery Loop Trail 7.2 Fcd New April 2015
PRS Platte River Trail South 33.4 R*pc
PW Parker West 7.1 Rprcd New June 08 - Trails on W side of Cherry Cr S below Lincoln
RDS RedRocks DakotaRidge MorrisonSlide 9.1 Msd June 2016 new trail spur to Woolly Mammoth Parking lot
SFD Spring Gulch Foothills Dad Clark 11.2 R*Fpcd Extended Foot Hills SW to new DEW trail Nov 10
SGC Sulphur Gulch Con 1.5 Rrpc New June 08 - Connects Cherry Cr S TR & Tallman Gulch/Sulphur Gulch trails
SGT Sulphur Gulch 13.8 Rpd* June 08 New trail segments & corrections
SH Smoky Hill Rd 16.9 Rpc New June 08 - From Cherry Cr State Park to County Line Rd
SR Smoky Ramble 17.6 Rpcd New June 08 - Collection of trails on either side of Smokey Hill Rd
TBCG TwoBrand CG 10.2 Msdc New Aug 11 - Loop Trail conecting Deer Cr Rd to Chatfield State Park
TGC Tollgate Creek Trail 20.3 Rprc
UNC Un Named Cr 11.2 R*Fpcd New June 08 - N/S trails E of Tollgate Cr
VT Vista Trail 4.6 R*Fpdc New Feb 09 - Vista Pipeline trail
VV Valley View Trail 2.4 Rpac New Aug 08 - Trail connecting S Valley trails to C470 trail
WC Waterton Canyon Trail 8.7 Fd New July 05
WCB Wild Cat Bluffs 6.9 R*Fpd Mod June 14 - Extension to Ridgegate, Coyote Ridge spur delete
WCT Wetlands Cat Trail 10.4 Rprcad Added new segment April 11 - New April 08
WGQ Weaver Gulch and Quincey Ave 7.9 Rpac New April 2015
WLT Willow Cr / Lone Tree 10.1 Rpbca Split Feb 09 from old Willow Big Dry Trail with new ending
WS Westerly Spillway Trail 8.6 Rpcr Bypassed "private trail" May 09
WSG Weir Sanderson Gulch Trails 21 RF*pacd Summer 2015 6th Ave Overpass

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  • APC - Aurora Power Conservatory
  • AR - Aurora Reservoir
  • PCS - Piney Cr Sampson
  • SH - Smokey Hill Rd
  • SR - Smokey Ramble
  • TGC - Tollgate Cr
  • UNC - UnNamed Cr 

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