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CO_FN Front Range N

This zone covers Front Range trails N of Denver Metro area

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Key Name Track Codes Notes Alerts
119D 119 Diagonal Highway 23.5 Rnapc Mod Mar 11 - New July 10
2BL 287 Broomfield Longmont Trail 19.4 Rwm Mod Mar 11
6636 66 36 Ute FootHills 19.7 Rnapc New July 10
9BL 96th Broomfield Longmont Trail 20.2 Rxrn New Jul 07
AN63 Airport Nelson 63rd 19.4 Rlapc Mod Mar 11 - New July 10
BBD Bromley Park Trail + Burlington 3.1 R*Fpd
BCN BrightonCon Trail 11.4 R*Fpmdr July 13 - Park Access changes
BCRV Bobcat Ridge Valley Trails 5.3 MEsd Dawn to Dusk
BCRW Bobcat Ridge West Trails 7.8 Msd Powerline Tr uphill only for bikes
BL Barr Lake Trail 10.3 Fd
BLS Brighton Lateral Ditch + Souther 3.1 Fpcd
BSB Boulder Cr + S Boulder Cr Trails 12.6 Rprcd
BSC Bear Cr, Skunk Cr, Centennial Pa 8.1 Rmr
CAB Cherryvale Broadway Trails 13.2 Rprn 4/16 US 36 Bikeway
CFP C Fromme Prairie Trail 9.1 Rprn 8/19 Extended E to MFE Tr
CRI Coyote Ridge + Rimrock + Indian 6.5 Msd APR 08 track realigned
DBS Devils Backbone & Blue Sky Trail 12.2 Msc Apr 08 track realigned - New May 07
EBT E Boulder Trail 16 Mdmbc May 18 track realigned
ELF Eagle, Lefthand, Foothills Trail 12.3 R*Fdsr
FFC Foothills HorseTooth Trails 10 Msd HarmonY Rd Bike Lanes
FFO Firestone Frederic Dacono Trails 12.5 Rpc New Mar 11
FOM Fulton Ditch Trail 5.5 Rpc
G4P Goose+4 Mile+Foothills Pkwy Trails 10.2 Rpbrc
HR Hall Ranch 7.9 MEs New July 11
HTK Howard Timber Kimmons Trails 8.6 MEs New Nov 10
HYL HarmonY Rd Bike Lanes 17 Rbp Multi-use paths also available in places.
LBL Loveland Boyd Lake Trail 11.5 Rpbr More off road sections
LBT Loveland Big Thompson Trail 14 Rpbr 8/20 Added Long View Tr
LHC Left Hand Cr Trail 8.9 Rpcd
LHT Lory Horse Tooth Trails 13.6 MEs New Aug 10
LHW Loggers Herrington Wathen 3.8 MEs New Nov 10
LLF Loveland Longmont FC Trail 59.7 Rnbx 4/16 Harmony Rd Lanes Taft lanes narrow near Lake Loveland
LRN Loveland Recreation Trail N 3.2 Rpac 8/20 Added Section to LBT with break
MCS McIntosh Lake + Longmont Supply 6.3 R*Fpdr
MFE Mason & Fossil Creek Trails 7.7 Rpc
MSC Mill Cr Spring Cr 6 MEs New Nov 10
N735 Niwot 73 75 15.5 Rlapc Mod Mar 11 - New July 10
NL Niwot Loop Trail 13.7 R*Fdc
OGK Oligarchy Ditch Kensington Trail 9.6 Rpb Mod Mar 11
PCB Pike Rd Clover Basin paths 9.3 Rpbl New July 10
PFC Poudre FC Trails 13.1 Rpc New June 07
PGW Poudre Greeley Windsor 27.1 Rprc 4/16 Extension to I25
PLFC Power Trail Ft Collins 6.1 Rprn
PRB Platte River Brighton 1.2 Rpca
PWR Pinewood Reservoir / Shockley OS 5.2 Msl New 6/17
RMO Rabbit Mountain Open Space Trail 5.8 Msd
RRG Reservoir Ridge 6.3 Msd Steep, Rocky, Michaud TH closes dusk to dawn Rattlesnake warning
RRS Rough & Ready + Spring Gulch 2 T 7.4 Rpbc
SFC Spring Cr FC 10.5 Rpc 7/15 Moved start E to Summit Dr
SMCS SawMill CareySprings Trail 1.9 MEs New Nov 10
STU Stout Trail 2.9 MEs New Nov 10
SVC St Vrain Cr Trail 15 Rpcd Flood Restoration in town complete
SWL Sage + Wonderland Lake Trails 16.3 Frbdc
SWRS SW Ridge Soderberg 4.8 MEs New Nov 10
TT Towers Trail 3.3 Med New Nov 10

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Bobcat Ridge & Pinewood Reservoir

  • BCRV - Bobcat Ridge Valley Trails
  • BCRW - Bobcat Ridge W Trails
  • PWR   - Pinewood Reservoir Trails


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