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GPSxl8r GPS Data translator

Main Empty

  • It translates data, not just format conversion!
  • Translates waypoint symbols, track & route colors.
  • Waypoint symbols convey useful information - Don't lose it!
  • Very few waypoint symbol names translate without this tool!
  • Translation is controlled via text file making it user configurable.
  • Supports Garmin, DeLorme & newer Magellan units.
  • Can create Google Earth files with waypoints in route order.
  • Use Google Earth or Nicolas Mollet icon sets (16 colors).
  • Google Earth (Text, Icons & Track) color & size are configurable. 
You can obtain the GPSxl8r application here.
  • Extract files from zip file
  • Execute setup.exe
  • Norton will say it hasn't been around long.
  • Last updated 8/10/14
View PDF application help file here.
 Obtain Google Earth icon set example on KML sample page (269 icons).