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Satellite III

Link Information

I provide links to information in various formats:

State Links

  • Trail Codes
    • Displays HTML file showing meanings of trail codes
  • RTD (xls) 
    • Downloads xls spreadsheet file showing RTD park & rides
  • RTD (html)
    • Displays html file of spreadsheet showing RTD park & rides
  • Link Information
    • Displays this page
  • Trail Art
    • Displays Slideshow of Trail Art

  • Zone
    • Displays HTML page that shows trail overview for that zone
  • kmz file
    • Downloads current Google Earth overlay file
  • here
    • Link to Google Earth "download page"
  • primer
    • PDF file tutorial on using Google Earth
  • zip file
    • Compressed folder containg Garmin map overlays of each zone
  • gpx2img
    • Link to gpx2img website
  • zipped file
    • Data file in compressed file containing gpx2img input data
  • folder
    • compressed folder containing DeLorme map file of trail network
  • .dmt transfer file
    • DeLorme Waypoints, Routes & tracklog files

Zone Links

  • Overview
    • Displays HTML file showing stats for all trails in zone
  • Coverage
    • Displays HTML file showing the trails covered by that zone
  • All-PDF
    • Displays PDF of spreadsheet for this zone
  • All Spreadsheet
    • Downloads spreadsheet (.xls) to your computer
    •  Working hyperlinks between trails in zone
  • GPX-Zip
    • Trail information for zone in .gpx format
    • One file per trail with waypoints, route & track
  • DeLorme-Zip
    • Trail information for zone in DeLorme .an1 & .anr formats
    • Separate waypoint, route & track files for each trail
  • NatGeo-Zip
    • Zone tracks in National Geographic .tpo format
    • One file per zone
  • Key
    • Displays HTML file showing trail information
  • Link Information
    • Displays this page
  • Trail Pics
    • Takes you to slideshow of trail pics for that tab
  • Google/Maps
    • Displays an interactive map of selected slideshow area
    • Click on Trail to get it's Key & Description